Free cedar, cherry, walnut or oak?! Oh you know our weakness! So tell us,  just how big is the…..wait…

Unfortunately, if we hoard any more wood, our spouses will divorce us! We’re kinda attached to them at this point. So, regrettably, we must say no. We simply don’t have the space to store all the trees people want to give us and from a business perspective, it’s really not worth it. We have time and money tied up in payroll, fuel and heavy equipment to come get the tree. We won’t recoup any of those upfront costs until we saw it into lumber and find a buyer (which could take a year or longer).  And that’s assuming we’re not overcome with the urge to saw it and use it ourselves. Yes, the struggle is real. Have you SEEN spalted cherry?!

In short, there’s a reason why tree companies charge what they do. There is no way from a financial standpoint that it would be profitable for us to do free tree removal.

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