Each year, millions of fallen trees are hauled off to landfills and tossed away as trash. TreeCycling is the process of recovering these downed trees and recycling them into finished wood products. When homeowners TreeCycle a fallen tree, they save money on the cost of tree removal.

How We Put Money in Your Pocket

We don’t cut down trees. That should be left to a qualified tree service provider.  However, once it’s on the ground, if your tree is a good candidate, we can cut it into lumber that you can sell. Or if you have a project around the home, you won’t have to spend money on lumber at a home improvement store.  In addition to providing you usable lumber, we also save you money on tree removal. By cutting it into longer lengths for lumber, the tree service uses less labor, less equipment, has no landfill fee and in turn, charges YOU less!

Create Jobs, Not Trash

By TreeCycling, rather than creating trash, you create:

American jobs
Lower taxes from maintaining/creating landfills
Less harvesting of our natural forests
Materials for high-quality products
Free firewood for needy families (contact us for more information)

The next time you have a tree that has fallen or is going to be taken down, call Mill on Wheels. We’ll come to your site and evaluate your tree, at no cost to you. If you do have a viable tree, we’ll provide you options and specific pricing.

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