For the past three years, we’ve been missing something. We’ve been able to turn your logs into lumber as long as you had a tree guy put it on the ground for us. This week, that changed.

We’re excited to announce we now have the equipment and expertise to cut your trees or clear your standing timber acreage! We’ve also upgrade so EVERY part of your tree gets recycled. Our chipper churns your branches into mulch, our saw mill saws the trunks into lumber and our woodworker turns that lumber into an heirloom piece of furniture to hand down for generations. This makes Mill on Wheels a complete woods to goods business! Not only are we your one stop shop for treecycling, but now we give you even more bang for your buck.

Have a tree that needs taken down? Want land cleared for a pasture? Put those harvested trees to good use and save thousands on lumber costs. For a free quote, call us at 828 536 WOOD or 828 202 7746.

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