About Us

Located in the Green Creek area of Polk County NC, Mill on Wheels is a mobile saw mill business owned by three woodworkers – Sue Pruitt, John Broach and Chris Carroll. As woodworkers, they see trees have value beyond just firewood. Their mission is to educated the public on these other uses and help them see the value as well.

Mobile Saw Mill & More

We bring the saw mill to you! We are your one-stop shop for sawing, drying, processing and using your lumber for furniture, fencing, buildings and more.

Don’t Trash, Treecycle

Each year, millions of fallen trees are hauled off to landfills and tossed away as trash. TreeCycling is the process of recovering these downed trees and recycling them into finished wood products. When homeowners TreeCycle a fallen tree, they save money on the cost of tree removal and give a neighbor a job. To learn more, visit our treecycling page.


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