We are your one-stop shop for turning your woods into goods! We can harvest your tree, use our portable saw mill to turn your logs into lumber then use that lumber to build an heirloom piece of furniture, turned wooden bowl or any other project – all with wood from your property.

Selective Tree Cutting or Clearing

Insurance company says to take a tree down? Want that wooded lot turned into pasture? We can selectively cut individual trees for lumber or we can clear entire tracts for pasture. We can then saw those trees into lumber on-site.

Custom Sawing

Quarter-sawn, bookmatched or live edge – we cut everything you can’t buy at the home-improvement stores. Ask us how to get the most value out of your tree.


Mill on Wheels is owned by woodworkers who can turn your lumber into a unique heirloom piece of furniture or other project. We build pergolas, benches, buildings and more.

Timber Buyers in North and South Carolina

North Carolina is a long state. While our saw mill is located convenient to Asheville and Charlotte NC as well as Greenville SC, we get calls from Raleigh, Columbia SC and even the coast. We would love to do business in these areas, but unless it’s a week-long...

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We Now Do Selective Cutting & Clearing!

For the past three years, we’ve been missing something. We’ve been able to turn your logs into lumber as long as you had a tree guy put it on the ground for us. This week, that changed. We’re excited to announce we now have the equipment and...

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Uses for Your Lumber

Using a Saw Mill vs Buying From a Retailer If you’re thinking about calling us, you probably already have a project in mind for that downed tree. But in case you don’t, let’s go over the benefits of having our mill cut your tree. Besides the obvious...

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Columbus Farm Festival

One of the best things about fall is the festivals. This year, we’ll have the saw mill at one of our favorites – the Columbus Farm Festival. You can watch us saw trees into lumber then visit our tent to buy items made from treecycled wood. We especially...

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Blueridge BBQ Artists Treecycle

There are two artists at the BBQ festival this weekend that only use recycled trees. Both make beautiful, eco-friendly wood products. First, there’s Mr. John Orlando of Anvil Board Company. Mill on Wheels custom saws all the maple, ash and walnut he uses for his...

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Our Location

Contact Us

We’re conveniently located within an hour of Charlotte, Asheville, Spartanburg and Greenville, SC.  Because we are a mobile business, please call before you visit to make sure we’re on-site. Address: 211 Grays Creek Rd, Rutherfordton NC 28139 Office 828 536 WOOD   Cell  828 899 7272