Custom Projects

See projects and custom carvings Chris has done plus examples of how Mill on Wheels clients have used the lumber milled from their property.

Custom Designs

  • Outdoor structures
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Tiny Houses
  • Home Additions
  • Fireplace Mantles

Case Study: Dr. Dan Hayes Charlotte, NC

  • Milled Approx. 5,000 bdft Lumber for Outbuilding
  • Coordinated with City of Charlotte & County Permit Officials
  • Coordinated with Builder for Material Cutting List

Case Study: Mary Spell

Bat Cave, NC

  • Entire cabin built with lumber milled from client’s property
  • Milled additional lumber not from client’s property for walnut, cherry and maple ceilings
  • Custom built cedar bathroom sink vanity top with cedar trunk for base.

Wood Sculptures


    • Log Cabin Posts
    • Chainsaw Carvings
    • Wall Art
    • Large and Small Sculptures
    • Realistic Snake Walking Sticks

    I carved a walking stick with a snake winding around it and tree frog on top. I took it to the bank to show it to the tellers (who always ask about my work). The manager ran out the door to stop me. He thought I had a real snake! I knew then I had carved a masterpiece.

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