Need expert advice?

Not sure what type of trees you have or what they’re best used for? Our paid consultion service is the solution. Our expert will do a site visit and give you comprehensive advice.

Consultation Services

Our consultation services are perfect for people who are interested in finding out exactly what type of trees they have and how to get the most out of them.  Having 23 years of home-building experience also gives Chris the unique ability to help you plan the entire process of harvesting your trees, milling them into lumber and having them processed into the end useable product such as flooring or cabinetry.

During this consultation, Chris will come to your location and walk your property with you or evaluate your already felled trees.  He will spend at least an hour with you discussing the types of trees you have, which trees will yield the most lumber as well which trees aren’t worth the expense of milling for lumber.  He will also tell you which trees are best used for which projects within your home, the steps and timeline for having those trees processed into the end product. 

Once the site visit and consultation are complete, Chris will email you a comprehensive report that outlines the information he shared during his visit. You will be able to reference this information throughout your home planning or project building process.

Prices for this consultation vary based on how far your site is located from our office.  Chris travels throughout the southeast helping landowners get the most use from their trees. Typically, if you are less than two hours away, you will invest $180 for this service.  If you are over two hours away, please call our office to get a quote. 

We don’t have customers. We have friends.

We take such pride in helping clients that we don’t even call them clients anymore. They’re friends. We genuinely care about each and every person we work with and strive to help them every step of the way. Because of this, we build relationships that last a lifetime.

My entire house was built from lumber that Mill on Wheels milled on my property. Chris even provided wood from other places that was milled specifically for my needs. I would not have been able to do a project of this size had it not been for Chris’ expertise. I consider him part of my family now.

– Mary S.

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