North Carolina is a long state. While our saw mill is located convenient to Asheville and Charlotte NC as well as Greenville SC, we get calls from Raleigh, Columbia SC and even the coast. We would love to do business in these areas, but unless it’s a week-long job, it’s just not cost effective to the customer for us to drive three or more hours one way.  This leaves the customer who realizes the value of their wood out in the cold. So to help you folks out, I am going to share our highly classified, uber top secret list of lumber brokers……which you can also find on the NC and SC Forestry Service websites ; )
Click here to download the list of North Carolina timber buyers.  WARNING BEFORE YOU CLICK “PRINT”: THIS IS A 261 PAGE DOCUMENT.  It is divided into the 100 NC counties, so once you open it you can print just the page for the counties closest to you.
Click here to download the list of South Carolina timber buyers.
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