McDonald’s isn’t in the hamburger business. They’re in the real estate business because their locations sit on the most valuable pieces of property in an area. Starbucks isn’t in the coffee business. They’re in the social business. They want to be the place you hang out when you’re not at work or home.

Our Appreciation for Quality

Mill on Wheels is not in the wood milling business. We’re in the memory making business. Our customers are going to tell their children and their friends how they watched that tree being harvested and milled into the flooring beneath their feet. They are going to talk about how that oak tree in their front yard served as first base when they were kids but it fell down in a storm. Instead of having it hauled off to a landfill, they honored it by having it milled and built into a farmhouse table. Now, the very siblings who rounded first base as youngsters sit and share Thanksgiving dinner with THEIR youngsters around that same tree.

Our Expertise and Experience

We’re more than a mobile saw mill because we have years of experience learning regulations for specific areas such as Lake Wylie and metro Charlotte regarding using trees from your property in home building. Chris’ advanced knowledge of trees and expertise in the home-building business gives you access to a wealth of information. If you have a large amount of acreage, he works with your current forestry plan and your builder to make sure you get the optimal use from your trees.
If you are considering using timber from your property to build your home, you’ll want to contact Chris early in the process to ensure you allow enough time for harvesting, sawing and drying your lumber, which can be up to a year-long process.

Our Equipment

We mill lumber using a Woodmizer LT 40, which is a bandsaw mill. Band saw mills have thin blades that slice through wood like a thin edged knife. This produces less waste and more lumber than other mills, such as a chain saw mill. Chain saw mills have blades as thick as chain saws, which cuts a thicker swath of wood, wasting more lumber.

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