If you’re interested in harvesting trees from your property to use as lumber in building your house or other projects, it’s important to know the optimal time for harvesting your trees. Fall is the optimal time to fell trees. This is due to the sap. As the temperatures fall, so do sap levels. This makes it easier to cut down your tree and mill it into lumber. It also decreases the amount of drying time required.
Sap levels are highest during the warmer months. Its also advantageous to cut in the fall for planning purposes. Cutting in the fall allows several months of air drying time to prepare your lumber for dry kilning. Most wood must be at 30% moisture content before it can even go into the kiln.So if you’re able to plan in advance, plan to fell your trees in the fall, sir dry until the spring and then by summer, you’ll be ready for those outdoor building projects! You can find more valuable tips on our website. If you’d like to know more about what types of trees YOU have and what they can be used for, call or email us to schedule a consultation with our woods to goods expert, Chris Carroll.